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Hosemasters™ Onsite Service

At Hosemasters™ we fully equip our vehicles with all the tools and product required to access your machinery, take-off the hose, assemble a new hose, and install the new hose – on site. This means, instead of waiting for the hose to be taken off, and then taking it to our shop we do it right then and there, saving you time and money.

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Internationally Certified

Hosemasters™ exclusively sells the highest standard products, in compliance with international standards ISO 9001, ISO/TS 17165-2, ISO 1436, ISO 3862, ISO 3949; and other standards such as SAE, EN and AS/NZS.

Exceptional Quality

Hosemasters™ has critically accessed the quality of the products provided by hundreds of suppliers over the last 25 years to safeguard Hosemasters™ reputation for only supplying superior quality products to our customers.

Professionally Serviced

Hosemasters™ Onsite Service owner/operators are trained by international leaders in the field, which produces the highest calibre workmanship in servicing you. Our service philosophy is simple, the greater expertise of our operators the more they can reduce your cost.

Periodically Examined

All Hosemasters™ product is periodically examined to ensure the best operating performance available. Through periodical examination and analysis of the service factors we immensely increase the life-span of our products, ultimately reducing the cost for you.

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